Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And the survey says...

We found out yesterday that we are having a girl! We couldn't be happier. Now we just have to decide on a name in the next 4 1/2 months. Oh - all the possibilities! Thanks to everyone for you congrats and good wishes! Talk to you later.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what's new pussycat?

Hello again after 11 months! Lets see - what has happened in that time? Carrie, Kaylee and I went to Idaho a couple times to visit our family for Kjerstin's baby shower, then back again after Boston was born. The beginning of July, on our way back to California we picked up Dolphe at the Salt Lake air-eoporto and went on a little road trip thru Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Mammoth, which was great! The last day Dolphe started to not feel well, but didn't think too much of it. We get home. Dolphe goes to work the next day, still not feeling well, worse than the day before. Goes to work the next day, getting worse. Wednesday comes, only goes to work to do payroll is back home by 8:30a. Still not wanting to go to the doctor, but much worse. At 8:30pm he finally lets me take him to the Urgent Care (which was a joke, by the way). It was almost time for them to close and didn't want to help him, which was very obvious. Hollering down the hall that he was going to have to take them to dinner if he didn't hurry up with his urine sample - I wish I was making that up. The PA touched his side and Dolphe yelped it hurt so bad. She sends him home saying it's only a UTI, because by then it's time for the clinic to be closed. We go home after we find out the pharmacy is closed. By 3am we find ourselves at the ER (which was marvelous - really), after several tests and many hours later, we find out that Dolphe's gallbladder needs to be removed because it has ruptured, it is dead and black, the size of an eggplant (it's sopposed to be size of the first half of your thumb). Dolphe was in the hospital for a week and I was with him all day. Carrie was able to be with Kaylee the entire time, which we are eternally grateful. By the end of August Dolphe was completely recovered and fine. YAY!

Everything else paled in comparison.

I had my birthday, Dolphe had his birthday, Kaylee turned ONE!!! in November. (I will add pictures later - I haven't updated this computer with pictures in a long time, plus Carrie took most of the pictures on her camera). Our little bumblebee is growing up. Kaylee starting walking on Dolphe's b-day in October. Her first word was cheese. She thinks that her name is Mama. Commercials of Jillian Michaels she points to herself and just stares, other than Sesame Street that's the only tv she watches. She waits for Daddy to come home everyday, all day, any truck coming down the street is sure to be him, waits by the the front door or garage door for him to come in. She loves her Daddy and it is so sweet to see them together.

Then in December we went to Idaho for Christmas, which was a blast! AND we found out we are having another bambino/a. Same as Brian and Amy. We will have babies within a week of each other, the end of August. Is there such a thing as twinny cousins? Well, there is now. Little Virgo cousins. We find out next week what we are having!

This week I have been sitting Kaylee on the couch (without me, all alone) with bunny right by her side covered with a blanket, drinking her milk, watching Sesame Street so I can make breakfast. This morning, I was almost done making breakfast (pancakes with peanut butter on top), the show was over and Kaylee was already halfway thru the kitchen. I usually come and get her. She knows how to get off the couch - but I realized that she is just one step closer to not needing me. As much. These days, it only takes a little bit to make me tear up before bawling the rest of the day - reason #1 - that my baby is practically grown. Thank you hormones. Don't even mention Say Yes to the Dress - because that's all it takes and we are down another tissue box. She'll be old enough for nursery next month, I don't want to think about that either. I know it's silly. All these months - walking the halls at church, wishing she was old enough for nursery already. And now it's almost here.

Well, I'd better go now. Before I do start crying and everyone is rolling their eyes because I'm so crazy. I will keep this up and have lots of pictures (from Carrie's camera, because I do not take many pics) to share. Take care!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Oranges and sun

Dolphe and I have decided to explore Riverside and really get to know the history of where we live. I have lived here on and off for about 15 years and Dolphe maybe about 7 years (I may be off) and we don't know very much about our town. On Saturday we went to the Citrus Orange Museum in Riverside. I used to pass it everyday going to work, it's only about 10-15 min away from our house. There is a really long history of oranges! It was fun and we learned quite a bit. Plus one of the guides gave us tips on planting orange and grapefruit trees. This same guide let us sample some oranges - naval, blood, and kumquat(?). I haven't had blood oranges in a while so that was especially good. The musuem also has a beautiful park. We found out that they have free concerts in the park during the summer on Friday nights. You can bring a picnic and listen to live bands. We'll check that out once or twice. So anyone that's in the neighborhood come share a blanket with us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's happening now? 1 1/2 months later...

Hello again. A lot has happened in the last month and a half, I don't remember it all and I'm sure you don't want to read about it all! The first thing that comes to mind is that Carrie, Kaylee, and I went to Idaho to visit our family and help with Kjerstin's baby shower. It was so much fun. We drove up so we spent the night at Brian and Amy's in West Jordan, UT. Kaylee held hands with Lila when they were reintroduced. First time was in December when Kaylee was 5 weeks old. Kora is forever adorable. As soon as we walked in the door to my parents house Kaylee's "on" button was in overdrive and it didn't stop until we left a week a later. It made it so much fun. She went to everyone, smiled, laughed, was crazy. She only cried when she didn't want to go to sleep (as always) and when my dad left the room. We will be going up again the beginning of June for a couple weeks, well, depending on if Carrie gets done with her jury duty. The trial was sopposed to last 19 days which would be exactly when her vacation starts. Kjerstin should be having her baby next week!!!

Kaylee is 6 months now, rolling all over the place, talking and laughing A LOT, teething on and off again, eating solids, sitting up, just being her nutty, happy self. Kaylee is so much fun when it's not nap time! I am now used to motherhood and having way more fun with it than just the normal fun.

Dolphe is still tending to our little garden. We are about to start planting more. Right now it is still just corn and onions. We have a list of veggies, herbs, and fruit/berries to plant. I am not up to much, busy taking care of Kaylee and keeping my OCD up with cleaning the house. While we were in Idaho I got some fabric to make Kaylee two blankets. Good luck to me sewing straight lines. That's my project this week to get those done before we leave again.

While we are gone Dolphe will paint Kaylee's room. I still have to pick the colors, I'm still deciding between a few. I painted letters for her room and they are up, but that's all I've done so far. I have more ideas in my head but it's just a matter of figuring out how to make them.

After three years of marriage we finally ordered our wedding pictures. We just kept putting it off all that time. So we have wedding pictures up besides the ones from our cameras! We are ready to take our little photogenic ham for some professional pictures. Speaking of - here's some recent pictures.

That was Kaylee's first feeding of solid foods! She took right to it - thankfully. The second picture looks a bit jokerish but she's still just so cute.

I put her in the baskets while I was folding clothes and she just loved it. That's our girl!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grandpa Robbie and Grandma Carol

On Saturday Kaylee met her Great-Grandpa Robbie and Great-Grandma Carol. It was a really nice afternoon. Kaylee was all smiles with them. I was a little worried because lately she has been shy and fussy around new people. We are looking forward to another visit. Next time we'll get Kaylee and Sammy (their sweet dog) to play together. Here she is with Grandma Carol...

We were walking around after lunch and Kaylee got to wear her hat and sunglasses for the first time outside. Dolphe got some really cute pictures.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Picture catch up

Here are pictures that we've missed the last 2 months. Taking a picture of herself. This is Feb 11th or so.

Rolling over. It's so tramatic.


Happy Valentines Day! (Don't ask why I put on pink socks instead of red.)

Our sprouting garden in our portable greenhouse.

Dolphe went to get Kaylee this one morning toward the end of February, she had fixed her hair into a funky do.

She is so happy and funny after a good nights sleep. I've interrupted her morning prayers - woops!

Kaylee measuring against the front door after her 4 month appt. She is now 26 inches, 16 lbs, 4 oz. Those shorts are clearly too small for her now - her little tummy hanging over! Just like me!

These pictures are from Tuesday. Alicia gave Kaylee this watermelon outfit and Kaylee just loves it. She usually grabs the patterns on her shirts and then gets bored with it after a few mintues but this one she picked at all day long. She didn't even want to play with her singing bug! Thank you Alicia! Kaylee has decided to roll over again after a month's hiatus.

You are now caught up! Blog you later! Yes I did just say that and yes I am that dorky.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tatatatadadadada this just in tatatatatada

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated this. Kaylee has been quite the sour pickle during her third month, leaving me with no energy or interest in connecting to anyone really. Not depression, just exhaustion. How do you moms do it with multiple children?! She-ma-nee! So far in month four she's calmed down a bit. She's still a drama queen however! Making this motherhood thing interesting to say the least. I'll only bore you with a couple details (you'll thank me later). Just know that you have to keep eye contact with her every moment she's awake (which is all day, she likes to sleep at night and not nap in the day) or else she throws herself into a screaming tizzy, return eye contact and she's all smiles with alligator tears running down her cheeks. Oh geez - I know. It is rather comical looking back at it, but painfully annoying during her sessions. Mom says it's payback for doing the same thing to her when I was a baby (mind you I was baby #5). Why couldn't we start out with a baby like Dolphe was? Nice, calm, chill. Not with a flair for the dramatics like Kaylee inherited from her Aunt Carrie (certainly not me I have no dramatical tendencies)! The only theatrical thing I have is the Miss Piggy hair flip - but that's IT!

Kaylee is now four and a half months, at her appointment she measured in at 26 inches, 16 lbs 4 oz. She is as big as a 9 month old. What a giant! At what point do you think they can tell if a baby will really be a giant like Andre? Hmm.

During this last month I read the Twilight series (while I held Kaylee so she would sleep), and have started the series again. We started our little garden, for some of the plants a bit too soon. In the ground we have thriving corn, white onions and dead zucchini. We have watermelon, jalapenos, tomatoes, parsley, oregano, cilantro, broccoli, pumpkin in a little starter greenhouse thing that we grew from seeds. (Insert picture here - I have to fiddle around with our silly computer pictures to do it - it's been too long and yes I am computer challenged).

On Sunday we made our very own mozzarella cheese! It was way easier than we thought it would be. It took about 30 minutes and it was good. Naturally, we made pizza and it was pretty much delicious. Once we perfect our process and recipe we'll share. We have a really good pizza dough recipe that I need to put on here. We've been using it for about two months.

Tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary. It seems like much longer - in a good way. We only have tenative plans so far to celebrate. In years past (the last two) we've go out of town. I'll let you know what we do.

I hope you are all well. I'll try to keep up.